Find The Hottest Chicken in Your Area!

We don't discriminate here. This isn't just for tenders, it's also for wings. Hell, we'll even take a nugget! On Tender, you can delve into your saltiest, crunchiest desires. Chicken is BAE. Have you ever wanted a hot, steaming, slice of roast chicken? We got you. Fried chicken, baked chicken, chicken marsala, chicken fries, chicken rings, chicken halal, chicken pizza, chicken flavored ramen. YASSSSSSS, taste it, TASTE IT. Tender is your gateway to all that is "amor pollo". Explore your wild side! Try some spicy stuff. Try some flaming hot wings that literally burn all of your taste buds off. YEAH! Do that. We want you to have fun. Love, Tender.
Welcome to Tender. This is the first web app developed for chicken lovers. True pollophiles need to be able to access tasty chicken at anytime. This is exactly what Tender is for. Our site tracks your geographic location and instantly connects you with the hottest chicken in your area. Now, like never before, you can indulge in the true pleasures of chicken in all of its forms. Our team is focused on bringing people together; helping them to connect over life's sole grand joy. Say a zesty, new chicken restaurant opens up a few blocks from your apartment, you are going to want to know about it, and you are going to want to try that new, zesty chicken immediately. That is what Tender is all about, facilitating these connections. The greatest virtues in this life are honesty, loyalty, and brotherhood. Chicken represents the intersection of these three. If we could all just learn to appreciate chicken more, we could appreciate each other more. We could all sing together as the vices of prejudice and hatred permanently melt away. Keep loving chicken, keep loving each other, keep striving towards new heights. Peace, Love, Tender.
Developed by David Smart, Josh Bartlett, and Larry Grief.